“There is no moment I would trade, no mountain I wouldn’t climb again, to be where I am today.”

“Where to start today,” is a very difficult question to answer. Between 4 kids and lack of sleep, my head hurts with frustration. So maybe I should just start from the time I went to sleep, and go in chronological order.

2:00 AM

A sick and throwing up toddler with a fever and an uncanny urge to play with dolls in the front room, takes over the living room. Normally I would send her to bed 5 hours before now, but after 8 hours constant screaming, you give in a little. Now it wasn’t all bad. Between the moments she wasn’t throwing up or screaming, she was my lovable Seila-buhdeeluh. “I’M NOT BUHDEELUH MOMMA!!!!! I’M SEILA!!!” (She normally yells this after I call her that)

2:59 AM

“Hey Momma! I put my shoes by the door oookkkkaaaayyyy???” She yelled from her bed. Walking from my sons room I had a giggle as she did exactly what she said she did.


7:31 AM



The baby monitor almost was shaking from the volume that was echoing through it.

Now, normally I would be very mad at the fact they were yelling at each other for any reason, but today I was absolutely floored by the time that they woke up.

2 Seconds Later


Blaring through the living room, someone had woken up and decided it would be the best idea to turn on the TV to 62 volume, and blast Scooby Doo through the entire house.


Now, I’m a calm person but come on. No. It is just, no. You don’t do that.


Now again, normally I am more calm than this, but after only 5 hours of sleep, you get mad. I didn’t yell, but I sure scared him, since I suppose anyone else waking up that early normally isn’t something you expect.

WE HAVE A RULE CHART!!! Seriously!


10:30 AM

Breakfast time! Now Seila still wasn’t feeling super great, but I offered her some cereal and other breakfast items. She turned them all down until I poured me a bowl and then threw a fit because she wanted it. After hearing the screaming all day yesterday, I gave her what I had.

Allura on the other hand had no preferences to breakfast items.

1 hand full of cereal otherwise known as “crunchies”

3 bites of Easy Mac

1/2 breakfast cereal bar

1/2 cup of tea

4 crackers with 1 only for smashing into the carpet

And 1 bottle to help her drift off to sleep.


“We are out of Tub-N-Tile!” Xander comes out of the bathroom repeating.

I didn’t even ask. . . or check. . . Nope.


“Momma I wanna talk to you.” Seila runs out of her room saying.

“Okay yes ma’am, what do you need?” I ask.

“I’m done playing this game! I don’t want to talk to you again! I’m tired!” She screamed and ran back to her room.

. . . “Okay.”


Allura is asleep and Seila is having a pretend picnic in which I am the queen and she is the princess. We have crackers and cookies and pretend tea. Later we are going pretend shopping; I love these days. My kiddos are goofy and aggravating, but I wouldn’t change them for the world.


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