To Weight loss or not to Weight loss

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To Weight loss or not to Weight loss

That is the question.



Those dreaded words again pop into my mind on a regular basis. I find myself sitting at my computer at 7 am, hungry, and eventually rummaging through cabinets only to give up shortly after and droop back into my bed before starting the household chores.

LOGICALLY I know there is no magic way to lose weight quickly, but wouldn’t that be amazing if there were? Losing 25 lbs may sound do-able, but when you are so near your goal weight it is always so much harder to drop those last few pounds.


The Loop

ME: I’m hungry.

HUSBAND: What are you hungry for?

ME: I don’t know, maybe something good.

HUSBAND: How about- (lists off an array of ideas)

ME: No, I don’t want that. (Or any of them.)


      It sounds like the most boring movie plot in existence doesn’t it? 

“Hey, we need to check the dark, spooky, blood-covered basement for that bump.”





“If you don’t want (x) then you must not be that hungry”, you know, the old motherly thing to say to get your kids to eat. It applies to us adults too.

IN CONCLUSION: From the time I said I was hungry until now, (7am-5pm), I was not able to find something that sounded appetizing. Yes I was hungry, nothing sounded good.


I know that not eating is as damaging as overeating, but how can you eat when the thought of a sandwich makes your stomach turn?


          This is my call for advice on this matter! Please send me an email or comment and let me know what you think and how I can overcome this. Thank you in advance!

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