Where Thoughts Come To Die

It’s been a long day; staring at my feet watching the water pool around them in large puddles. A shower is more than what I needed on a day like today, but still greatly appreciated. I tilt my head and lean it against the wall. My eyes line up with a crease that runs both parallel and perpendicular to many others the same distance apart.

Tomorrow I have to go to work and leave my kids at home with their aunt, and I know that that is not a big problem however, I still wish I could spend more time with them.

The water breaks the back of my head and warm and soothing streams. I feel like I’m counting the minutes down from the time I stepped in the shower until the time I’m expected to get out. I feel like I’m always counting down time. Counting.

1 year get a better job.

6 months get an even better job.

3 months how am I going to afford food this week?

4 years is that how long it’s going to take for me to become a nurse?

10 minutes, I’ve been in the shower 10 minutes.

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