Youtube Stars, Income, and Hackers

Disclaimer: This is purely my observation through the years of watching 
and studying the famous YouTube stars.



Gross Monthly Income?

For years it’s been speculated that YouTubers cannot possibly make a living on sitting in their parents basements and vegging out. You know, that glossy eyed, tongue out, South Park looking face? However, in the recent years of YouTube, all those speculations have been confirmed as so far from the truth, people even go insane from it. (It being YouTube.)

Famous actors and actresses have come from their hobbies on YouTube. One very familiar, and a personal favorite of mine, Markiplier, has had his share of fame and fortune arise from his YouTube account. Although his style has been mainly featured around gameplay and walkthroughs, he has had his fair share of musical gigs, cartoon voice overs, and general life goofyness. Stardom is in short a term he has well earned over the years he spent perfecting his YouTube career, but he has had his life turned upside down in the process.

In the late 2015’s, his YouTube and Twitter got hacked by OurMine Hackers, leaking some valuable and shocking information. The 5 year rising star was making more than most people do in 20 years, in a month. November’s paycheck was released to be


Yep, you read that right, and although he was able to take control over his accounts shortly after, the damage had already been done. The YouTuber Markiplier has, in the recent years, recovered well and still gains popularity with his lovable spirit, goofy content, and adorable dog Chica.



Don’t Let That Stop You


Although you’re looking at your measly $675.26 paycheck that you spent two weeks bending over backwards for, while YouTubers are making a living recording videos, don’t let that stop you from following your dreams. Certainly don’t let the hackers scare you off from YouTube.

Markiplier was just one of the YouTubers that experienced being hacked, and although no devastating damage was done, (like spending his whole paycheck, canceling his account exe) it probably won’t be the last. Many other YouTubers,


Ryan Higa:

Nicole Skyes:…







Sam Pepper:… 

to name a few, have all experienced this horror.

Needless to say all of these YouTubers have one key thing in common, can you guess what it is? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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