Blonde Hair, Swimsuits, and a Woman

“Does your hair color really matter when choosing a swimsuit?” My husband asked innocently.

Let me start off this post by saying, no, my hair color doesn’t really matter when choosing a swimsuit. My hair is more of what swimsuit will look best with the personality that matches me as a blonde.

Same old question, black or colored swimsuit? With my skin tone, pink, yellow, orange, and tan are all no no colors. Blue is acceptable as well as green red and black. So there’s my list; Blue, green, red, or black. (White is a no.)

I get in my car and after 10 minutes of sweating waiting for my air conditioner to cool off, I am forced to stop at a green light. Why was I forced to stop at a green light? An eighteen wheeler across the road was turning right on a green light that was meant for us, and well, and eighteen wheeler trumps SUV, car, and pretty much anything other than a tank. That wasn’t what made me frustrated however. The thing that was frustrating was that a the car in front of me waited until the light turned yellow, well after the eighteen wheeler had passed, to go, forcing me to sit and wait with silent anger welling up.

Finally at my bathing suit store of choice, I walk in and actually get T-Boned with a cart. . . WITH A CART! A woman was in such a hurry to get to the rack of swimsuits that held about 50 of the same kind, she pushed me out of the way! Can you believe that?! As if that weren’t bad enough, she not only hit my cart but yanked a swimsuit out of a child’s hands before looking at it, back at the child, and putting it back on the rack. (Seriously debating on leaving this store at that point just because of that woman.)

After the whole stand up comedy act the woman performed, I sifted through swimsuit galore. Well, this will be an easy choice. I thought. There was only one color on my list, green.

Blonde hair and a green swimsuit will do nicely.

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