Blogging Walls

Sometimes it’s necessary to let go of all the “got to make my post perfect” logic that swirls around my head. There are thousands and thousands of mistakes that are etched into each entry I post, but nothing that I cannot fix. But today and yesterday I have hit a wall. My mind is void of all hope for writing short stories, and though those are the very essence of my blog’s entirety, the feelings have flown.

I have two topics that I currently am working on, both fiction, and both are on two different spectrum’s. I started a romance novel but have gotten inspiration to write horror into it. You know every good romance, not smut, but romance book needs a twist, right? Now I’m not talking vampires or wolves or some fairy tale impossible love that shouldn’t be but is somehow perfect beyond words. No, I will not write any of that. The love I am writing is a love that started as unconventional but has so many moving notes, the piano score is a crescendo of keys.

On the opposite end, a horror. Something that is sadly not uncommon in the modern world of technology. Stalking, and not just the following behind you in a car or bugging your house kind of stalking; the stalking that hits your soul. The kind that scares you, torments you on the inside, and plays with your head. The kind of stalking that you need protection from and in the end, you need to protect your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend from. The kind that if charges were pressed, they wouldn’t be put in prison but a penitentiary.

I would love a little feed back and advice writing it in. Thank you in advance!

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