Halls of Echoes

Empty, the place seemed empty. She counted the footsteps that echoed back at her. Where is he? She imagined all the horrors that could have befallen him since he ran away.

“Here kitty. . ” She yelled hesitantly, tilting her ear toward the black abyss.

The only sound was the echo of her own voice as it mocked her in ricochet. Leaning back away from the echoes, she came to a slow halt as her feet crept from steps to shuffles to silence.

Clink. A noise rang out from the distance, enveloping the hall in hopeful tension.

“Kitty. . . ?” She asked, quieter this time.

No sooner had the words left her lips did she wish she hadn’t spoken at all. It was no cat, it was nothing she had ever seen before.

Yellow piercing eyes glistened in the distance, locked on her as if she were a target. She gulped and slid on foot no more than an inch behind her, enough to activate the creature. Without hesitation, she turned on her heel and bolted back down the hall as if she were a track star. Behind her she could hear the beating of claws on the tile, a slippery, sliding sound as the beast tried to gain traction.

Just a few more steps! She thought, using the remaining stamina to leap into the evening sun from the door she propped open.

Landing on a broken, dry patch of dirt, she dug her heels in and skidded to a stop, and glanced behind her.

“There is nothing there.”

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