In a Nutshell

I feel like it’s been so long since I had a moment to sit and write a little. Life got complicated towards the end of the year and well, it was all a little hard to juggle together. It’s not like I gave up on writing or ever wanted to stop but I came to the point that life was getting in the way of what and how I wanted to portray my page.

That aside, I felt like I would let everyone in on a little that’s been happening in my life. First and foremost, I have a new job! After I quit Baylor to pursue my dreams of teaching children, I landed a job paying double what the hospital paid. (I got paid quite a bit at the hospital.) But the pay isn’t everything to me, teaching children is. I have always wanted to CHANGE THE WORLD! You know, that white girl fantasy of being the ONE to make a difference, not get any credit but having everyone happy with your existence; yes, that one.

I am now living my dream of being a teacher for children ages 12 month to 17 months. #diapers right? The days are challenging but every day I get to watch them grow and learn and smile. To me, it is a dream come true!

Moving on to some bad news; a person I never wanted back in my life made her grand reappearance. It’s almost as if we parted ways and then upon meeting again, all the memories of betrayal and hatred came flooding back. Now, I feel like I am a pretty easy going person, but I cannot put the past in the past with her. It’s almost like life made a cosmic joke and decided to give me my dream and then throw me a curve ball while I’m swinging with a bread-stick from Olive garden.

The days got dark all over again and in the end, it is up to me whether we can work out or not. However, jokes on her. I can keep my mouth shut longer and sit on the fence better than anyone on Broadway.

Continuing, I have gone to the doctor recently and just let me say, this is the icing on the cake. Aside from having walking pneumonia, they are highly encouraging me to go and have a *MEN AVERT YOUR EYES* pap smear. I won’t say much more than that because I haven’t gone yet and the rest of the email between me and my doctor is still ringing in my ears. But there you have it; my entrance into 2019!

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