Dear Adam

My dearest Adam,

How have you been through the years? I cannot remember the last time I saw your face; that precious smile you have has disappeared from my memory. Have you been well in your endeavors to find peace and have you made a good life for yourself? I have nightmares where you’ve given up on moving forward only to wake and realize that you have never given up on anything. Are you still as stubborn as you once were? I remember the time you ran to your friend’s aid because they asked you to; dropping everything you were doing even though it was beyond reason. Have you grown your hair long like you always wanted to? Dear Adam, have you met the love of your life yet? I remember the beautiful women you cared for just years ago, do you remember her? What a beautiful woman she was with her long dark hair and her soft voice. It’s been years but I have not forgotten about you and that wonderful smile. My dearest Adam, rest in peace with all the angels. I will see you one day in the future, until then just know you still make me proud every day.

One thought on “Dear Adam

  1. Please forgive me for this late message. I had surgery earlier this week, and have been behind on all of my work, preparing for the surgery, and ever since then. I truly wish you rich blessings from God, as you bless others.


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