Once, only once did the sins of the Seraph beget an off breed so disgusting that the gates of Heaven cast out the result. For a Seraph to bed a human, such a mistake had been made. No creature so foul as the Demons of Hell had been in existence, until that result came to light. Under a moonlit sky in a silent bed of tall grass, the Neph was born.

Forced to suffer for all eternity, the Neph was cursed with unbearable pain when disobeying the Seraph; for the Seraph were Heaven and reigned over all earth, and her. Under the moonlit sky her body broke and wings grew from her back in a bloody mess that stained the earth in gold. A curse she was told for only living was to bare pain when her wings were needed.

Her blood ran gold down her back time and time again and as if in jest for the Seraph, her voice never sounded. She must be quiet and remain away and aware that she is not wanted by humans or Seraph. Daily life became easier as she learned to live between the buildings and humans, but all life had a price.

She became comfortable with the humans and against Seraph law, she loved. A man more simple than a blade of grass in a field, she loved. Between the emails of a forbidden relationship, she bled more and more. Sneaking out and taking trains to see him, her heart grew and her body bled. Going as far as to fly to him, she became weary and soon couldn’t bear to move further than her chest at the end of her bed.

The Seraph jest at her expense but offered one last pitiful resolution: Fall. Fall to the earth from Heaven and cast aside any knowledge of the Seraph law. Forget the past, and fall to die as a human. . .




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