Dear Zeke

Dear Zeke,

You are perfect in every way. You are sweet, charming, loving, and most importantly you are here. You comfort me when I fall and help me stand. You are the light at the end of my tunnel and the backbone of my existence. You are the reason I smiled every day, that I laughed when there was nothing funny. You are my reason to live and to love. My dearest Zeke, why did you die? Your ghost follows me every day, in and out of rooms. I can’t help but wonder if you loved me this much or if you need something. Zeke, dear Zeke, please leave this world. My perfect, my love, my light, move on. I will greet shortly on the other side but when you stop my hand only delays our greeting. Zeke go away! I don’t need you hovering above my shoulder in the mirror by my medicine cabinet! I don’t need you following me every place, just allow me to greet you already! Wait, Zeke don’t go! Don’t go! Don’t go!

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