Non Fiction: My Life In A Nutshell

“to open just say open” … More Non Fiction: My Life In A Nutshell



If you don’t like what I write, there are millions other of blogs to follow, don’t creep on mine. I don’t need a private blog to post poetry to appease anybody. If it offends from here on, the error was on your part. My poems are strictly fiction. IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I POST … More DISCLAIMER


Useless echoes in my ears; Voices screaming, Memories flashing, Useless Useless. Determination proves faulty. Mocked at the thought of trying. Told to find my station As useless and useless gets. Over and over the same reoccurs; Bad life, bad wife, insignificant: useless Useless Useless Money walks Bills pile I try, And people lie.

I’m Hiding

I ran away from all the pain, anger, and hatred I felt for not being able to speak my mind and found myself hiding in a dark cave, drenched in both rain and tears just under the overpass, hidden beneath a hill. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep, shivering and aching from the ground … More I’m Hiding