A Fax Of Absolute Jibberish

Warning: Has Curse Words (don’t normally use them) … More A Fax Of Absolute Jibberish


Death By Insolation

I cleaned up the kitchen on a whim, straightened, scrubbed, and swept; it was spotless! I had four days of bliss, four days of unhindered, unconditional happiness, and I basked in it. Each day was filled with love again for having a home by keeping it clean. you looked for me to post this. The … More Death By Insolation


If you don’t like what I write, there are millions other of blogs to follow, don’t creep on mine. I don’t need a private blog to post poetry to appease anybody. If it offends from here on, the error was on your part. My poems are strictly fiction. IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I POST … More DISCLAIMER