The two faced person I see before me is nothing more than a hollow shell wishing to exist, and I do not see it. I will not see it. To believe there is something there is to gaze upon it, to remain blind is to protect it, and to hate it is to get closure … More Disgusting

Blogging Walls

Sometimes it’s necessary to let go of all the “got to make my post perfect” logic that swirls around my head. There are thousands and thousands of mistakes that are etched into each entry I post, but nothing that I cannot fix. But today and yesterday I have hit a wall. My mind is void … More Blogging Walls


The days drag on in ways of despair For things left undone yet who cares For the one with the heart broken and bleeding. The smiles I fake became very misleading. I became what I hated and cry for no ‘one’. Things left undone are things I have won The right to be yelled at, … More Abuse