Feelings Uncensored

Pictures are painted best with the mind

That Day

“Thunder rolls and claps outside my windows, bringing with it the sounds of fear and tranquility.”


The floor is shaking with anticipation as lightening crashes in the distance. The world is at the mercy of chance, fate even. Below my feet I feel the tremble of my house as it quakes in fear of being the next victim. A teapot screams from my stovetop bringing all my attention to my kitchen rather than my shaking feet.

The floor is colder every step I advance to my whistling teapot. A soft patter and scoot of my feet are almost drown out by the rain that berates my house. I take the glass quietly off the island where I had prepped for my coffee earlier in the morning, and set it on the cold burner that is unused by my kettle. I grasp my teapot handle firmly and pop the lid, letting the steam rise to the fan above, and pour the hot water into my glass.

Coffee perfumes my house almost instantaneously, bringing with it the warmth of a brighter, sunnier day. Taking the glass, I walk silently back to my coffee table, set down my glass, and sit on the pillow I had placed on the floor. My fingers move quickly and precisely as I open my laptop and search in Google, “tornado warning”. I pause a moment and look up to my right to see the trees dance and sway eerily with the wind, and the rain at a very steep incline. My heart pounds in my chest.

“Green sky. Wall clouds. Hail spontaneously.” I whisper to myself. Looking out the window again my heart thumps harder as I notice the rain and wind has completely stopped. I stand and walk quickly to the door, my footsteps much louder than before, and open the door. Quiet. My hands shaking now, I open the screen door wide and lean past the door frame to gaze at the sky. THUMP. My heart feels as if leaping from my chest is much wiser than standing here.

Lightening strikes without warning causing me to snap to my senses and yank my head back inside briefly. My body feels faint as my heart has been in fear, but against all common sense, I lean forward and gaze outside once more. In the distance I see black and white almost hovering fifty or so feet above the ground. I squint my eyes and try to make sense of the object. My hair whips over my face as I am pulled into my yard by the wind. Blinded by my hair, I fall to my knees and desperately try to regain sight. A hand grasps my arm tightly and pulls me to my feet. Through my tangled hair, I see the black and white figure that had been in the distance, now holding my arm and yelling mute words at me.

My hair whips again as the hand tightens around my arm. I look up into the face of the black and white figure long enough to hear the words “LOOK AT ME!” My heart stops, and my knees collapse under me. My eyes meet his and briefly scan the figure before closing. “Wings?”

“I thought maybe you hit your head and now I see that you did in fact, hit your head.”

Wings..? My mind inched back to reality slowly, baffled by the thought that a human being could have wings. I rolled my eyes beneath my eyelids to help moisten them before subjecting them to the light. I open my eyes, letting the light seep in gradually. Everything is still, blurry, and unfamiliar as my eyes scan my surroundings.

Taking a deep breath, something sweet scented has filled the room and left a mark of safety. I start to raise my head and hear a shuffle. A blurry shape moves towards me quickly and touches my shoulders, gently pushing them back towards the object I am resting on.

“You need not get up, yet.” The voice instructs.

“Where am I?” I manage to croak out. My throat is dry and cracking as I try to clear it and start again. “Who are you?”

Watching the figure move, my eyes focus more clearly. A black coat with buckles around the abdomen, holding a pouch of some sort to his chest. A nice pair of black dress pants that seemed to be made just for him, and a watch on his right hand that looked more like a box on some leather. His shoes equally matched his pants, beautiful and tailor made. His face was pale and was mostly hidden by a lack of a hair cut. I squinted to see his eyes, narrow, wise. .

“Mekhi, to answer your question. Mekhi is my name, and you are at my home for the time being, and to fill in the blanks, a tornado destroyed yours. You passed out from fear, I assume, and I did not want to leave you lying in the yard. Why in the worlds would you run outside during a tornado?” He interrupted my thought.

My heart thumped deep in my chest, recalling from a dreamlike state the voice I just heard.

“I thought I saw someone outside. . Was it you? Do you have wings?” I questioned back.

“I thought maybe you hit your head and now I see that you did in fact, hit your head.” Turning around to show me his back, he held his arms out wide.

“Sorry to disappoint but I don’t have wings.” He continued. “I was not outside your house, I just happened to be tornado watching and when I realized it was forming in a house’s back yard I went over there. Then I saw you walk into your yard and drop dead, and to be honest, I wasn’t about to leave you.”

I didn’t drop dead. I thought to myself.

“The wind yanked me from my house. I was looking outside to see where the lightning struck and saw a figure. Not that I expect you to believe me, but at the least I thought I saw someone. He, it, looked like you.”

“At least you are safe now miss..?” He paused, waiting for me to introduce myself.

“Eloen. . But you can just call me El.”

“Okay, Miss Eloen. For now, you can stay here or I can get you a hotel. It is up to you at this point, but it is still raining and there is no reason to go back to your house. It is gone, everything.”

My heart sunk, making it very hard to breathe. I clutched my chest and thought of what a morning I just had.

“Are you okay?” Mekhi asked concerned. “You look like your going to faint.”

Mekhi moved quickly from one end of the room to the other, grabbed a blanket, and returned to beside me, covering me in warmth.

“Not that many people faint while laying down.” Mekhi stated, worry hinted tones in his voice. “Are you alright?”

I rolled to my side, facing him in the process. Blinking heavily, I relaxed my whole body before I answered.

“I’m fine, just worried.” I stated.

I held the blanket with one hand across my chest and sat up slowly. Mekhi reached for my shoulders once more to lay me back down.

“Thank you for all you have done.” I say, waving away his help. “There is no way for me to repay you.” I apologize. “Where am I?”

Mekhi walks across the room, glancing back at me, and grabs his phone. Turning back towards me he fiddles with the screen for a few minutes, pulling up a map to show the distance between where I was and where I am now.

“You don’t live very far from me, why haven’t I ever seen you?” I asked.

“I haven’t lived here very long, and this is a brand new house I had built fo-” He closed his mouth quickly, cutting off in mid sentence.

“Fo..r?” I asked curiously. My eyes scanning the room clearly for the first time.

“Eloen, don’t ask questions if you aren’t prepared for the answers. You obviously have a weak heart and are in no condition to be frightened or startled. I suggest you go about your day here. I have a room I prepared for you while you were asleep, and I will be calling in a doctor to come and give you an examination when you have settled in.” He answered abruptly.

Turning on his heel, he walked out of the room, his face still worried.

Call in a doctor? Answers? For who? My mind raced.

I sat in silence for a moment before he returned with a handful of items I recognized, but stood in the doorway and wordlessly motioned for me to follow. I stood up slowly and twisted to my right, setting the blanket down on what now I recognize as a metal cot, and walked towards Mekhi. Each step I took I realized my feet were colder than the step before.

“That’s right.” I said under my breath. “I wasn’t wearing shoes in my house.

“You don’t need to worry. Size five? Six?” Mekhi asked without turning to look at me.

“Six.” I answered. He seems so distant now, I wonder if I have become such a burden. Maybe I should go to a hotel. . But borrowing money is just as bad. .

You don’t have to help me.” I state apologetically. “I don’t even know who you are past first name basis.” I pause for a moment. “I don’t want to be any sort of bur-”

“This is the room I prepared for you.” Cutting me off in midsentence, Mekhi stopped at the only white door on this hall and turned to face me. “You aren’t a burden, nor a problem, or any other insecurity you can fathom. You are in need and I have the recourses to help you.”

“When you put it that way it still sounds like you are angry with me, and that is the last thing I want.” I retort, taking a step backward.

Silence filled the hall and neither of us dared to move. My eyes met his for the second time as I studied his face for some hint as what to say next.

Anything will do, just say something. He is helping you! My mind yelled bluntly. My eyes locked on his as I realize he is just as transfixed on mine. Brown with golden flecks, sadness, worry, contacts? I tilted my head slightly and as if just realizing our gaze was locked, he turned away quickly. His hair covered his face slightly hiding his expression, and revealing a small ink mark on his neck.

“I am not angry with you.” He said in defeat. “I have many questions that I am not sure you have answers to.”

“I don’t understand.” I answer, shuffling my feet to a more comfortable position.

“You wouldn’t, but it isn’t anything you should be worried about. I am sorry you got the wrong impression, and I am even more sorry that you are still standing in the hall.”

Mekhi opened the white door to reveal a radiantly white room. A sweet scent filled my lungs as I took one step into the doorway. The floor was warm, soft, and inviting as it cushioned my feet in velvet fibers. The walls were void of pictures and trinkets, but had a few shelves in the corners. On the left side of the room, my eyes found a vanity. Gold lining trimmed the outside of the mirror and drawers, and upon it sat a brush and comb.

On the right of the vanity were a nightstand, bed, and another nightstand. One nightstand held a lamp and two cup coasters to prevent water marks, and the other held a hourglass and a hand mirror. The bed that lay between had five visible pillows on top of what seemed like an authentic feather-down comforter. I felt at peace when my eyes fell upon the bed, and took a step into the room.

Glancing to my right, the far wall had a full sized mirror, taller and wider than myself. Around the mirror on the wall were hooks and shelves with tiny items that resembled rocks. There is no window?

“I hope you find this comfortable.” Mekhi said, breaking the silence. “I have a phone charger plugged in behind the night stand with the lamp and your phone is in the drawer of the vanity.”

Walking past me and to the bed, he put down the tea kettle, my laptop, laptop charger, and a mug on my bed, and turned to face me.

“They were the only things I could carry out of your front room and you at the same time.” He explained. “I hope they can help you find some comfort in all your uncomfortable surroundings.”

“Thank you, Mekhi.” I said gratefully.

Looking at his face, surprise washed over him at the mention of his name. “You’re very welcome Miss Eloen.”

Taking two steps forward, I threw my arms around him.

“Thank you, Mekhi. I am sorry for all the things you had to go through because of me.” I said, quickly letting go after my statement. “This room is beautiful.”

A smile crept over his face as he saw the relief in my eyes. Moving his hair back with his left hand, he all but blushed.

“In the morning I can show you the rest of the house.” He said, his voice shaking just slightly.

“Thank you.” I answered cheerfully.

Turning around slowly, Mekhi left me with my thoughts, shutting the door quietly. I spun around to face the bed, my hands eager to feel the familiar items of where my home once stood. My fingers crept over the tea pot to the charger, and rested on the laptop. I slid it back towards the middle of the bed and walked to the nightstand with the lamp, unplugged it, and plugged in my laptop charger and my laptop.

Leaving it momentarily, I walked to the vanity and take the brush, brushing out my tangles from the storm on my way back towards the bed. Crawling into the bed and under the covers, I pulled the laptop towards my lap and pull the top up. No scratches. I pressed the power button and a familiar beep sounds, followed by the fan and finally the screen.

“Welcome back Eloen!” The laptop screams.

Throwing my arms forward to propel the laptop out of my lap, I jumped out of bed at the sound of something not familiar.

“What?” I whispered, my heart throbbing in fear.

Walking around to the other side of the bed, I set upright the laptop and look at the screen once more. I have never seen this screen before. . But this is for sure my laptop, I know every smudge and mark on it.

My fingers found the keys and rested on them in familiarity. Clicking the log in box with the built in mouse pad, I closed my eyes. My fingers moved quickly and precisely over the keys, stopping to assure me the password had been entered as usual.

“Log in “ELOENMEKHI” is correct.” The computer read aloud.

The screen flashed black and then booted, revealing the browser with “tornado warnings” still pulled up, in addition to a second tab labeled “Second Plane”.

What is going on? Why is that my password? Where did this tab come from? My heart pounded in my chest as I moved the mouse over the unfamiliar tab, revealing a small preview. I squinted my eyes to focus on the small box, and fearfully clicked the tab.



There is meaning in even the word “nothing.”

Second Plane..? What is a second plane? My mind raced while waiting for the page to load. The screen, white with a flipping hour glass in the middle indicating that it is still loading. I glance around the room once more making sure Mekhi hadn’t heard the ordeal.

“Well, maybe I clicked it accidentally when I stood up from the table.” I told myself trying to calm down. I waited a few more minutes on an empty screen before concluding nothing was going to happen, and clicked the red “X” to close the browser.

“We are sor-r-r-ry you do not ha-a-a-ave permission to close the browser.” The computer chimed.

Jumping back and clutching my chest from the unexpected computer error, I slammed the laptop shut and pushed it to the far side of the bed, almost knocking it off. What do I do.. This isn’t mine.

A few moments pass before I take a deep breath, unplugging the laptop. I don’t need this right now. I thought dismissively, taking the cord by the plug and pulling. Grabbing the other end of the cord in one hand I pulled the now closed laptop back across the bed and unplugged the cord that was connected to the laptop. I wrap the cord up around my hand as I have always done and put it under the bed, reaching up for the laptop and putting it down gently next to the cord.

“I don’t need the laptop. I don’t want the laptop. I would like some coffee.” I say to myself half jokingly.

Just below my pillow on the right side of my bed are still the kettle and mug I hadn’t bothered to move. They sit as still as they had at my house, almost mockingly after the laptop incident. I should have moved these first. . . I pouted.

I grab the kettle and the mug and set them on the right nightstand. After setting them down I turned to the bed and felt an overwhelming wave of exhaustion. What time is it? He said he would show me the rest of the house in the morning.. is it night? I want to find a clock or a window, why doesn’t this room have any windows? I wondered.

Moving quietly, I crept towards the door and rested my hand on the doorknob. He didn’t say I could leave, but he didn’t say I had to stay here either. I justified my actions in my head. I turned the doorknob silently and slowly.

A soft brush of air wafted into the room as the door swung outward, carrying slightly different scents then what I have experienced so far. Garlic, fish, chicken?  I wondered almost hoping as my stomach decided to scream in anguish. I need a clock! Don’t get sidetracked! I forced my attention back.

I stepped out of the room onto the cold floor as a chill crept up my back. These must be marble floors. Keeping the doorknob in hand, I turn around and crack the door just enough to see the the light seep through. Turning back I walk slowly down the hall. I don’t remember it being this dark before, it must really be night time.

I reach the end of the hall to the room that I do recognize. Dark and eerie, it was still familiar. I step into the room and run my hands along where the cot was, letting the cold metal bar sweep against my fingers. Stepping further in I realize there is a door on the other side, adjacent to the door I had come from. A small amount of light crept under the door and as I approached it I realized it wasn’t just light, it was also warmth.

I grabbed and twisted the doorknob, swinging the door wide. The air smelled like a restaurant, and the floor was warmer. A small corridor blocked the light source with a sharp right angle. Walking further, slower, I creep up the the corner and peer around.

“Miss Eloen, I am so glad you hadn’t gone to sleep yet.” Mekhi called calmly.

Nearly jumping out of my skin, I collapse to the floor.

“Eloen?!” Mekhi jumps up sitting and runs full sprint across the room. “Eloen are you okay?!”

“I’m fine, why would you go and scare me like that?!” I yell, my voice breaking.

Stunned, Mekhi looks away. Is he ashamed?

“I’m sorry, I thought you saw me.” Mekhi states flatly.

I feel tears well up in my eyes. Ohh gods NO! Reaching my hands up quickly I cover my face. I know my emotions should be exploding but why NOW?

“I-I’m so sorry.” I cry out. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

Frozen, Mekhi stands looking. “Eloen. . It’s my fault. I am so sorry.”

Reaching out, Mekhi touches my hands. “Please put your hands down.” He pleads.

Ashamed, embarrassed, I shake my head. My hands and arms are warm with tears.

Mekhi takes hold of both of my hands in a firm grip and pulls them away from my face. “I knew it.”

My eyes meet his first, locked on the gold flecks that seem to be reflecting light, shimmering. My hands were held tightly in his. I’m so sorry. . Mekh-

“You are something else Miss Eloen.” Mekhi said. Not breaking gaze, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief and wiped my face, hands, and arms as well as his. Making sure we were both tear free, he broke his gaze and stood, holding out a hand for me.

“I know you are hungry, I was hoping you would find me here. I do need to ask though, what made you want to leave your room?” Mekhi asked.

Reaching out, I took his hand and stood unsteadily. “I don’t understand. Why didn’t you just tell me-”

“I wanted to see what choices you’d make” He cut me off.

“I woke up in the room during daylight, I walked down the hall during night time, and now a whole day has passed and I’m not sure if I’m crazy or if I’m dreaming.” I stated bluntly.

Mekhi nodded. “Did you do anything in your room? Look for cameras, wire taps, chains, or anything like that?”

“NO!” I half yelled fearfully. “Was I suppose to?!”

Pulling me towards the light source that turned out to be a fireplace, Mekhi stopped midstride and laughed.

“You can not have believed that!” Mekhi laughed, motioning me towards a small table with cushioned chairs.

I watched him move towards the fireplace that I could now see had a pot suspended within. Of course I believed it! I pouted to myself silently.

Grabbing two bowls from the mantle, Mekhi removed the lid with his right hand. Setting the lid on the far side of the mantle, he grabbed a ladle hidden in the pot and scooped some substance into the two bowls held in his left hand.

“I heard you scream.” Mekhi said. “What did you find?”

How did he know? Was I really that loud? I wondered. “No.”

Placing the ladle in the pot, he replaced the lid with a metallic clink. “No isn’t an answer to anything I said.” He said flatly, walking to bowls over to the table. “No answers what question?” Mekhi asked, sliding a bowl to me and sitting across from me.

How can I tell him I answered my own question? “My laptop isn’t my laptop.” I answered finally.

Pulling two spoons out of his pocket, Mekhi hands me one and looks at me. “What do you mean?”

You know what I mean. Wait. What? “What?” I answer, squinting my eyes.

Instead of answering, he takes a spoonful of what looks like chicken soup and blows on it before taking a bite. My eyes scan him for some indication of what I should say, and fall flatly on the now golden handkerchief barely visible, sticking out of his pocket. As if noticing my eyes, Mekhi blocks view of his pocket with his arms. Resting his elbows on the table and his chin in his hand.

“Let me start over.” Mekhi stated. “You left your room, what were you looking for? Why did you scream?”

Averting my eyes back to my soup, I dip my spoon just below the surface, watching it fill with broth. Once filled, I lift it to my lips and blow on it to cool it down and take a bite, then slowly lower my spoon back to the bowl.

“I wanted to know what time it is, for your first question. Second, my laptop isn’t my laptop.” I already said that.

“Oh, I didn’t give you a clock did I? I do apologize.” Mekhi said, his eyes almost saddening. “Your laptop isn’t your laptop?”

“The password changed but I knew it anyway, and there was a tab open that I don’t remember opening, but it wouldn’t close.” I answer between bites.

“Password?” Mekhi asked.


“Hmm. Second tab, tell me about that if you don’t mind.” He implored.

“It said Second Plane, I clicked to close it and I didn’t have permission to do that.” I thought back to how it said aloud I had no permission.

“Do you normally talk to yourself?” Mekhi asked bluntly.

“I- well- no.” Ashamed I stared blankly at the almost empty soup bowl. “Do you have any answers?”

Leaning back, Mekhi lifted his right arm and set it on the table, palm up. “Here, you can take this.” He said, unbuckling the leather strip with a box.

“What is this?” I asked as he motioned for my left arm.

“This is a clock, of sorts.” Mekhi answered, buckling the leather.

“A clock?” I retort, turning my arm over and studying the little box. A perfect fit.

“It won’t feel very comfortable for a while, but you will get use to it.” Mekhi states, pulling another one out of his pocket. “It allows entrance back into the First Plane.”

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